Is some website construction “very why rotten” can actually arrange at the home page?
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Is some website construction “very why rotten” can actually arrange at the home page?

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 Very many friends in analyze the colleague website time, will detect that some comparison rare and beautiful flowers the question, will be some colleague website construction is rotten, but can actually sit quietly hundred degrees home pages, in very many SEOer hundred will think do not its solution time, below will give own idea reorganization share everybody, will these website construction very be why rotten, can actually arrange at the home page?
 How to surmount these competitor? Below for everybody specify, in which will involve to hundred degree some foundation algorithms.
 One. The website does the time is long
 Here website does the time long is not the domain name age time is long, but is the website official binding domain name time calculated that hundred degrees have an algorithm named time accumulation algorithm, also will be hundred degrees will act according to your website whole to carry on the allocation, will do not the good website, grading will be very low, joins grading which hundred degrees will give will be 1 point,
 Then, one day accumulates a point, the time is longer, the repeated integral which obtains are more, therefore, although the website does not much, but he arranged at the home page; If the wish surpasses such thousand old stations, is not good with the new station general short time surmounted, even if the new station website content does again well, has attained 100 point perfect score,
 Is also the need accumulation day-by-day, accumulated the minute to surpass the colleague finally, moreover jumped out rate is extremely low, that you could in the home page, simultaneously, the new station have 1-3 month-long review period, was uses for to inspect the website performance, finally definite website score, therefore, if the website content could complete, then also needed 1-3 month side to be able to operate the colleague,
 Moreover is the nature weighs out in the high situation, if your website and the colleague are similar, then your score is also similar with the colleague, wants to implement the short-term to surmount, that not depending on spectrum;
 Two. Massive outside chain's support
 The content is a king, outside the chain is an emperor, although very many stationmasters outside said that the chain did not have what function, but was not completely not useful, at present hundred degrees reduced outside the chain only to the place impetus effect, was merely reduces, but must strangled, regarding these thousand old stations, has made possibly several year outside chain,
 Outside these chain's support, is also these quite rotten website arranges at the home page reason;
 Three. Website server long-term stability
 Website server stable or not, is also resolves the place the important attribute, if your website holds several year server is stable, the search engine will also have the favorable impression to you, will think you to be steadfast, otherwise, if these old stations, the server will be unstable, will not be able to open for a long time, is attacked easily,
 Moreover the website content is rotten, such website search engine will not look that straight at looks at one, therefore, will make SEO time, should better not seek after the small advantage, will purchase some unstable server, before slightly will arrange, ate such in a big way has owed.
 How did the new station surmount these thousand old stations fast?
 Discovers his flaw, avoids itself violating again, simultaneously, regards oneself the user to browse, do not regard oneself stationmaster to browse, very many stationmasters always thought oneself do the website is very attractive, thought like this can solve user's demand, the regulations is not so, how to judge the user the demand? Analyzes these points:
 1. users come in are do
 which communities do 2. users divide into
 whether 3. websites do have the good bootstrap user's guidepost (in chain)
 When had known after these three points, is completing own content, should better not plagiarize the colleague, the detailed analysis user's demand, does the fineness, how as for to analyze here not to do excessively explained.
 Certainly, most important is must understand hundred degree algorithmic rules, so long as you play according to the rule, you can play the website the home page, regarding hundred degrees 234 algorithms, how many you knows?

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