V 0.4 version update log
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V 0.4 version update log

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  Additional demand:
  1st, the backend control desk “the design” under the module increases “the reset website subject” the function;
  [application scene]Supports the website manufacture initial period, if detected already selects the subject unsatisfied may replace other subjects again, but did not recommend the website already basically completed the client executes this function.
  [friendship reminder]The executing reset website subject on current website all pages and page's content clear empty, please discretely operate!
  2nd, the backend adds/the edition article to add “the rough draft” and “fixed time releases” the function;
  [application scene]In view of “fixed time releases” the state: In order to let the website be more advantageous to SEO, should better be/each week can update the news every day to the website, lets the website holds certain update frequency, but will run into sometimes us, because must attend the Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair or other matters cannot release one every day, like this we may write ahead of time the article the time which will set well fixed time transmits, will then arrive at time automatedly to release in the website; In view of “rough draft” state: Sometimes the edition article requires some time, but feared that the long time operation has the situation which the content save has not lost, therefore before the article has not completed the compilation completes, may the first save be the rough draft, and so on may make something a matter of political line again transferred “normally” the state to be possible to release the front end.
  [friendship reminder]“fixed time releases” the state to the setting transmission time only then in the front end website display; “the rough draft” the state article cannot in the front end display.
  3rd, the additional chart article demonstration “the page bamboo slip” the sub-area, clicks in the page “+” to launch the sub-area increase level, the click “the page bamboo slip sub-area” launches corresponding the sub-area increase interface, selects and changes corresponding the page bamboo slip content then:
  Version update

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