Voice of propagation theory brand marketing.
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Voice of propagation theory brand marketing.

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 The voice propagation theory constructs the brand development vigorously the entire knowledge angle of view, and by the zero point area, the sound production area, the echo area, the zone of silence and silent worships five parts to be composed, their respective Cheng Huan, simultaneously like the Olympic Games five links equally is linked together, forms the brand propagation the brand-new system.
         First step zero point area: Makes the brand likely to use compass makeing a circle, had has been clear about and also strengthens the powerful zero point, could draw well! If the zero point has not elected to or is not firm, that picture circle forever is unable completely.
         Second step sound production area: Without the sound, does not have the market! The brand and consumer's relations, are similar to you call in the mountain valley, if is too low voice, the possible mountain not to notice you!
         Third step echo area: The brand has the individuality person, except the physiological characteristic, must have the energetic characteristic; The sound is may hear, the voice is actually invisible, visible becomes the hold will of the people with the invisible packing the important means.
         The fourth step zone of silence: “tranquil sends far”, is not does not have the sound completely, but lowers the volume on own initiative; In silent place reconsidering intrinsic, listens attentively to the innermost feelings, rams the zero point in realizing, the stratagem decides the new prospect.
         The fifth step silent worship: The Buddhist said: Cannot say that cannot say. The big sound hopes the sound, unspeakable only then most has the charm.
         Mentions the voice propagation, says in the most people, is strange. But opens Xie Houhui to detect carefully, its implies logic is not strange. After all brands “fame” production, source in consumer's innermost feelings. The consumer innermost feelings' activity, is the external force influence result. Consumer's innermost feelings receive each kind of external force the influence to have the mood, has the exchange share wish, will represent through each kind of sound. These different sounds superimposed mutually interlock, form the voice, the achievement brand “”; Entrusts with the positive brand connotation in the voice, caused its harmony to be consistent, builds the brand “to look”. The voice is the brand fame carrier, is also the brand fame cornerstone. The Jinan University news and propagation institute graduate student Teacher the Zhu rock pile then sums up the voice propagation's kernel as the following three points: First, must listen attentively to consumer's sound, then the consumer can hear your sound, this is one basic attitude. Second, the academic society sound production, must first return to the zero point, says the logical expression; Then the academic society pondered that originating sound, the life sound of the cultural. Third, must in Internet sound production, maintain contact with the masses to emit sound together, manufacture loudness; Taking advantage of strength high-end crowd sound production, manufacture echo; Let the friend emit sound together, building oral traditions. Finally, may “Run thin silent”, with one spirit, lets the consumer originating sound of the sympathetic chord; With one strength, lets the brand, the consumer and the society altogether plays sound of the sounds of nature.

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