Why selection response type website 5 reasons.
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Why selection response type website 5 reasons.

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 The website has not updated the response type homepage design (Responsive Web Design, RWD)? This year on this includes "Homepage Design Tendency well Which consideration radish ~ has a look To roll up like a mat Comes", the response type homepage design has most received one of homepage design science and technology which welcome. Here reorganizes five reasons, why tells you this to select RWD~ as soon as possible
  Google elder brother's recommendation
 The elder brother said the words are an imperial decree. Starts from 2012, Google intensely recommended that uses the response type homepage design, because this most suits the wisdom handset's solution at present.
 The response type homepage only then a website, also only then a HTML paradigm, such paradigm more suitable Google search engine to include the website content.
 Eldest brother forever is right, the light is only then this reason, sufficiently let you update the response type homepage immediately.
 Google development personnel notice: Building Smartphone-Optimized Websites
  Reduces the homepage to jump to rate
 When the user enters your website, will press immediately down a page to return to Google to scavange the page, Google will determine automatedly speaking of the user, your website will not be the page which he will want. (supplemented: But is not sometimes your website content does not meet user's demand, but when he uses the handset opening computer version homepage, the user uses not to be refreshed immediately jumps out, simultaneously also sentences this website death penalty… so sad…)
 2013 research displayed that some 28% user are with the wisdom handset logon, along with the handset popular rate and the network speed promotion, the handset user's proportion largely will promote, but responds the type homepage to be possible to guarantee your website in each kind of size installment, can browse smoothly, will reduce naturally jumps to rate.
  A website = SEO network marketing strategy
 The computer version + handset version as if may solve the problem which the handset browses, but when you simultaneously have the computer version with the handset version website, also represents you to need to control two sets of websites, to formulate two website network marketing strategies. (simply speaking, two websites are two disbursements, but your current capacity and place are actually unable to collect put in order in the same place, OMG, ultra suffers a loss ~)
 The response type website solution computer, the handset, the plate browse's question, simultaneously can also concentrate the network marketing firepower in a website.
  Response type website design = redesign + long-term safeguarding strategy
 Many enterprises were still close right up against the handset version website to fight for state power, however the action version website will start to have more and more many safeguarding questions.
 When technology advancement, and changes hurriedly time, the handset version website need updates frequently can overtake the science and technology and the visual effect, but responds the type website not only to safeguard the cost to be low, two big characteristics: “detection vehicle (Media Queries)” and “flowing sub-area (Fluid Grids)”, also elongates the website the service life. The user will update the handset, the computer or the plate unceasingly, but your website not too needs with the hardware device technology update.
  Produces greatest investment return rate (ROI)
 The above reason thought already makes uniform a mutual recognition, is responds the type website design to be able to have the greatest investment return rate.
 The nowadays time, the enterprise body's market battlefield has developed the network world, is unable to be a worthy opponent with the competitor, becomes the market mortal wound sufficiently. In order to develop the service, the response type website can guarantee your website to be able to browse on each kind of equipment, representative can contact the multi-objective clients and reduce validly jumps to rate, adds the source of tourists; Does not need to add the network marketing expense with to add the website service life, represents is reducing transport business cost.

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